Trevor Noah cheers Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion regulations

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On Tuesday’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah voiced his support for the Supreme Court decision to strike down key parts of Texas’ 2013 abortion regulations. The Court decided the regulations imposed an undue burden on women practicing their constitutional right to an abortion.

“This is such great news out of the Supreme Court,” Noah said. “Don’t forget, Texas was pioneering a scheme to get rid of abortion clinics by unfairly regulating them out of business, and it was working.”

Among other things, the Texas laws required abortion clinics to meet the same standards as surgical centers at hospitals. As a result, many abortion clinics were forced to shut down.

“The Texas law also said the only doctors allowed to perform the surgeries are Doctor Doom, Dr. Who and Dr. Pepper, and all clinics had to have a hedge maze in front that patients had to complete in order to find the entrance,” Noah joked.

“Oh, and no abortions for people who are women. Everyone else is fine.”

Trevor then brought out correspondent to Adam Lowitt discuss the history of Supreme Court Justices crossing party lines in their decisions, as Anthony Kennedy did in the abortion case. Watch the clip below.

[comedycentral id=”0356a916-603d-45e9-88f4-6585fcb8adca”]


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