Full Frontal Television

Bee blasts Brexit and “insufferable frog-faced wanker” Nigel Farage

"When Britain really needs dark people again, they'll just colonize you."

Samantha Bee spent most of Monday’s Full Frontal discussing the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

“Normally, news from the U.K. is fun, and relaxing,” Bee said. “It involves lots of fancy babies, and adorably silly pensioners — but suddenly, those pensioners aren’t so adorable, because they just voted to kick their grandkids, their nation, their continent, and their economy right in the goolies.”

The vote to leave, called Brexit, has caused mayhem as stocks have plummeted and the pound dropped to its lowest value since 1985, and Leave voters have been quick to voice their regret. But the real shame is that Leave proponents like UKIP leader, and nationalist xenophobe, Nigel Farage, walked back many of the promises his Leave campaign made to supporters, including that the money Britain sends to the EU would be used to fund national health care.

This promise and the effects of the EU on Britain’s economy were only a small part of the reason voters chose to leave, though. The biggest selling point, like that of Donald Trump’s campaign, was a closed border and fewer immigrants.

Bee said that’s fine, though. “When Britain really needs dark people again, they’ll just colonize you.”

Trump was in Scotland on the day of the vote and congratulated them on taking back their country. The problem is, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain, so Bee brought along famous Scotsman David Tennant to read some nasty tweets hailed at Trump.

Watch Bee discuss Trump and the American effects of Brexit here.

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