Real Time Television

Bill Maher says it wouldn’t hurt America to apologize for a few things

"Trump's campaign? That's the last dying gasp of the old America — America's inner asshole — the macho screaming manbaby."

On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher suggested that President Barack Obama should go on the “apology tour” Republicans always accuse him of taking. Whenever Obama visits a place like Vietnam or Hiroshima, the conservative media paints the trip as a chance for the president to apologize for American history. Maher thinks maybe he should.

“First on my apology list is Vietnam. Sorry, Vietnam,” Maher said in the segment. “America wanted to fight Communism in the ’60s, but fighting it over here might have made a mess. So we used your country. Sorry.”

Maher also suggested apologizing to Mexico for taking half of their country “just because we could.” And he would apologize to “our eternal drunk booty call,” Iraq, for, well, the last 15 years.

He also had some advice for Obama in his last six months. “As president, that means doing some things just for fun now that it’s the end—Like, I don’t know, legalize pot. Put Beyoncé on the nickel. Invite RuPaul to take a transgender leak in the Rose Garden. Did I mention legalize pot?”

He also insisted that, despite the craziness of the current presidential campaign, America was past the days of doing things for which we will need to apologize. “Trump’s campaign? That’s the last dying gasp of the old America, America’s inner asshole — the macho screaming manbaby.”

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