Seth Meyers reacts to Senate’s failure to pass gun control bills after Orlando massacre

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers reacted to the Senate’s failure to pass four bipartisan gun laws. The gun control measures, two proposed from Republicans and two from Democrats, would have expanded background checks and banned gun sales to people the terrorist watch list.

“The NRA has given more than $36 million to the 56 Republican senators who blocked the gun control measures on Monday,” Meyers said in his “A Closer Look” segment. “The money may be a factor, but it’s not the only — or even the main — reason the NRA is so powerful. It’s that the gun owners are passionate and mobilized, and often vote on this one issue alone — which is why, every election cycle, politicians have to go through the ritual of professing their love of guns, even if they have to fake it.” Cue a clip of Mitt Romney discussing how often he hunts for rodents.

“But now there are fortunately some signs that the politics of gun control may be slowly changing,” Meyers added. Hillary Clinton has changed her tune since the 2008 race after Obama roasted her for claiming to be a proud supporter of the Second Amendment. And two Republicans voted for the measures Monday, going against party lines.

“Hopefully that means there will be a political price to be paid for lawmakers who oppose gun control at the behest of the NRA, because that’s the only way we’ll make progress on this issue, if gun control advocates out-organize the NRA and voters hold pro-gun politicians accountable at the ballot box.”

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