Trevor Noah calls Donald Trump a ‘deranged f—k’ for his comments on Orlando shooting

[comedycentral id=”0afe118c-bd1e-4848-b637-56ec322d57f3″]

Trevor Noah summed up the week in Trump with some harsh words for the Republican nominee and a farewell to exiting campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“Apparently, Lewandowski’s grip on power was not nearly as strong as his grip on young, female reporters,” Noah said of the campaign manager who was accused of abusing a reporter earlier this year, and who has now been fired by the Trump campaign.

Trevor admits firing his controversial campaign manager before pivoting to the general election could be one of the smartest things Trump has done, “and just like most of Trump’s other smart decisions. It turns out, someone else made it.” Trevor cues a report that Trump’s children made the call, especially Ivanka. Trump had to conced to her ultimatum, because, “Let’s face it. He can’t fire his daughter, and he can’t bang his campaign manager.”

Meanwhile, Republican senators have stopped talking about Trump, and started avoiding questions about him at all cost. This probably has to do with Trump’s continued inflammatory comments about all matter of subjects.

Trevor mocks Trump’s recent comments on banning Muslims, and calls him “deranged f—k” for his response to the Orlando massacre in which he said that if a nightclub goer had a gun to shoot Omar Mateen, “That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks.”

“I’m sorry, but if you ever think that someone being shot — whether criminal or otherwise — can be described as a ‘beautiful, beautiful sight,’ you are one deranged f—k. You’re not describing a killing, you’re describing a sunset.”


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