Samantha Bee fires shots at the NRA and the Republican lawmakers in its pocket

Samantha Bee hit hard at the NRA and the Republican congressmen in its pocket. Following the mass shooting in Orlando last week, Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut held a 15 hour filibuster on the Senate floor to demand a vote on gun control. He won the opportunity to vote, but all four bills were knocked down Monday.

In this segment from Monday’s Full Frontal, Bee gave a rundown of the history and current state of the relationship between the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party. She stated that the “Party of Lincoln, named for the beloved president who died peacefully of natural causes at a ripe old age, wasn’t always in the holster of big gun.” Even Ronald Reagan supported gun control measures (probably because he was shot once).

In recent years, though, the NRA has come to own the GOP. And Mitch McConnell admitted that fact on national television in March, saying of Obama’s Supreme Court Merrick Garland, “I can’t imagine that a Republican majority in the United States Senate would want to confirm, in a lame-duck session, a nominee opposed by the National Rifle Association.”

“I can’t imagine that a leader of the Senate majority would admit to being a puppet of the NRA in a televised interview,” Bee replied. “Yet here you are with crazy Wayne [LaPierre’s] fist so far up your party’s ass he can throw his talking points out your mouths.”

Watch the clip to see what else she had to say about “the pussies in this Senate.”

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