Bill Maher can’t believe how low the bar has been set for gaffe-machine Donald Trump

On Friday’s Real Time, a baffled Bill Maher wondered how Donald Trump continues to get away with everything that comes out of his mouth. “Why for so long was there one set of rules for everyone who’s every run for president, and then suddenly a completely new set for this Donald Trump person?” he asked.

“When it comes to lowering the bar, he really raised the bar,” Maher quipped.

Maher gave the rundown of all the most ridiculous gaffes over the last few decades that pale in comparison to what Trump has done. George H. W. Bush checked his watch during a debate; Al Gore sighed. Meanwhile, Trump talked about his penis.

“Obama got endless s—t for once saluting with coffee in his hand, violating an ancient military rule dating to never,” said Maher. “But Trump can say John McCain isn’t a war hero? If Hillary said that, they’d be burning pantsuits in effigy.”

Watch the clip for more outrageous behavior, like when Dan Quayle was deemed unfit for president because he misspelled “potato.” Ah, the good old days.

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