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Trevor Noah throws a make-shift celebration for Sen. Chris Murphy’s gun control filibuster success

"I apologize for that shabby display. We didn't actually have a budget allocated for the Senate actually agreeing on something."

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Trevor Noah celebrated Chris Murphy and Senate Democrats for employing a 15-hour filibuster to force a vote on gun control measures following the Orlando massacre.

Republicans have been blocking gun regulations for years, but thanks to Murphy’s filibuster (or “tantric legislating”), they have been forced to agree to vote on two gun control bills.

Trevor celebrated with trumpeting and cymbals as the words “ballons” and “confetti” fall from the sky. He didn’t have real balloons or confetti, because “we didn’t actually have a budget allocated for the Senate actually agreeing on something,” but the sentiment is felt.

The first bill would close the gun show and online loopholes. “I understand this, but I still find it weird that you can buy a gun on the internet,” Noah said. “I can’t even watch porn without lying about my age.”

Another gun control measure would prevent a person on the terrorist watch list from purchasing a gun. Noah said this “sounds like it shouldn’t even be up for discussion,” but the terror watch list itself “should be up for discussion,” Noah asserted. “It’s a secret list that anyone can be put on at any time … It’s kind of like that list girls controlled in high school to decide who was cool or not.”

A terror watch list seems acceptable now because it’s in Obama’s control, but “in five  months, God forbid, that list could be in the tiny, tiny hands of Bronze Stalin.”

See what Seth Meyers had to say about the filibuster here.

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