White people take over ‘The Daily Show’ to talk about white people

[comedycentral id=”c4a004f1-27a7-4114-8c2f-410ce8b7c798″]

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic took over the desk to discuss the role white people have been playing in the 2016 election. With Donald Trump winning overwhelming support from white people who think they are being pushed aside to make way for diversity, Lydic and Klepper unpack the role the demographic is playing in the election.

Lydic began by pointing out the obvious. “You may notice that neither of us is Trevor Noah. That’s because tonight we will be talking about something near and dear to our hearts—white people.”

“For years, white people in this country have been relegated to places like Vermont,” “old episodes of Friends,” “and the first 450 pages of your American history textbook,” the two explain. “But this year is different.” Cue the clips of media outlets discussing how white working class voters are shaping this election.

“Three-quarters of voters this year are still going to be white. Making us this year’s coveted demographic!” Lydic said, before Klepper used his faux-white pride persona to announce, “Finally, an election where white people count.”

Counting with his ironic support of supposedly rejected whites, Klepper insists, “White people have been getting the short end of the stick in this country for decades. Did you know that as recently as the 1960’s we were forced to drink at separate water fountains? And they forced us to ride in the front of the bus! I mean, nobody cool sits up front! That is nerd central!”

Watch the clip to see why “White people are the key to everything,” and what gets them both to start shouting “White power.”

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