Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula take a Quantum Leap back in time to stop Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert enlisted the help of Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula to go back in time and change the future for Donald Trump. Colbert discovered an episode of the early-90’s show in which Bakula’s character would leap through time into other people’s bodies to change the course of history.

In one episode, the character leaps into 1950’s NYC as a taxi driver, and inadvertently gives real estate advice to a young Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump’s rise is the fault of Scott Bakula!” Colbert exclaimed. “He should never have revealed the secret that New York real estate is valuable.”

In order to go back in time and change history, Colbert and Bakula leap back into the New York cab to try to change the outcome of what was said. However, their efforts only lead to an even more frightening future.

Watch the clip to see if they can fix it!

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