Larry Wilmore applauds Anderson Cooper for questioning Pam Bondi’s LGBT support

[comedycentral id=”84e3c191-c50d-444f-ab50-1c1128f4ff6d”]

Larry Wilmore cheered Anderson Cooper on Wednesday’s Nightly Show for cross-examining Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about her remarks following the Orlando massacre.

In an interview early this week, Cooper grilled Bondi over her LGBT support after she acted like she has always been an ally of the LGBT community. As he asked her about her history of questionable stances on LGBT issues, she struggled to answer.

“The only time that much stuttering doesn’t mean you’re lying is when you’re in a dance remix,” Wilmore said.

When Bondi said she had put an image of rainbow hands on her site in support, Cooper asked, “So you just put that up now?”

“Absolutely, she will show respect for minority groups when there’s a stock image available,” Wilmore explained. “Except, spoiler alert, there are no rainbow hands on Pam Bondi’s site. She didn’t even do the one political bulls—t move she said she did!” Wilmore decided to help her out by putting his own rainbow hand on the screen, middle finger raised.

“I’ve had my issues with CNN in the past. I’m technically not allowed to appear on their network,” Wilmore said, referring to being banned from the network after his White House Correspondents Dinner speech. “But I have to give credit where credit is due. Anderson Cooper, for doing what we should be seeing on cable news all the time, I am giving you a half-stand full clap. Way to do your job, man!”

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