James Corden gets ‘shucky ducky’ with these election jokes

On Wednesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden imagined a romantic comedy with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and reacted to Herman Cain’s return to the campaign circuit.

The final primary of this election was held in Washington, D. C. on Tuesday and now Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee. So, Hillary met with Bernie Sanders in a hotel to discuss the future of this election and the Democratic platform. But James couldn’t help thinking about the sexual tension between the two candidates.

Showing a poster from the new rom com, When Hillary Met Bernie, Corden said, “It’s kind of like When Harry Met Sally, except Hillary won’t make orgasm noises until the moment that Bernie concedes the nomination.”

In other election meeting news, Donald Trump, facing criticism his campaign has become increasingly racist, received an endorsement from Herman Cain. (Remember Herman Cain?)

Cain spoke at Trump’s rally to ensure his supporters that Trump is not a racist by saying “Trump is not a racist.” But the real news was his introduction. Watch the “shucky ducky” speech to see his “shucky ducky” outburst.

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