Larry Wilmore won’t let his show’s hiatus stop him from slamming rapist Brock Turner

[comedycentral id=”9fa5d29f-b706-42bb-b58b-75bcb9a4b114″]

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore was on hiatus when the Brock Turner case blew up last week, so Larry took the time Tuesday to react to the pitiful six-month sentence for the Stanford rapist.

“Hold on a second. It’s 14 years or six months? Those are the two options?” Wilmore said about the possible sentence versus the actual sentence for Turner. “There’s got to be something in between, like thirteen years maybe? Or thirteen years and six months? … Or, what the f—k was wrong with 14 years?”

Aaron Persky, the presiding judge even sentenced Turner below the mandatory minimum of two years, saying that time in prison would have a “severe impact on him.”

“Yes, because if anyone isn’t supposed to change after a brutal attack, it’s the attacker,” Wilmore fired back. Watch the clip to see what else Wilmore had to say about the case.

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