Trevor Noah reacts to Orlando shooting, questions gun rights with shoelace analogy

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On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tried to make sense of senseless violence following the worst mass shooting in modern American history. Like some of the other late night hosts who commented on the massacre, Trevor questioned America’s gun laws. “America needs to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn’t have guns, to get guns.” He also sat baffled at the frequency of such attacks.

“I wonder if President Obama ever thought to himself that mass shooting speeches would be such a large part of his job. At this point, he’s hosted 12 State Dinners, but has had to make 16 mass shooting addresses,” Trevor said, before going on to make an analogy comparing gun control to tying your shoes (and the implied need to grow up and do it).

“When I was young I didn’t tie my shoelaces… I would run around; I would trip on my shoelaces; I would fall down and cry. ‘Mommy! Mommy! I fell!’ And my mother would ask, ‘why did you fall?’ ‘Because I tripped.’ ‘Why did you trip?’ And she goes, ‘Your shoelaces.’ And we realized I fell because of my shoelaces. I’ll tie them, then move on.”

“I could’ve said, ‘Mom, why are you bringing shoelaces into this conversation? Why are you blaming the shoelaces for something the sidewalk did to my knees? Who even says there’s a connection between anti-shoelaces and falling anyway? You’re violating my right to keep my shoelaces untied!’ I didn’t say that… I realized after falling, after falling a lot, that there was a connection between leaving my shoelaces untied and getting hurt.”

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