Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert roasts Steph Curry, calling his bland new shoes the ‘Air Josh Grobans’

"Damn, Steph Curry, these shoes look like they're putting themselves through nursing school."

Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun roasting Steph Curry over the look of the new Curry 2 Lows, which the internet has decided are too bland, too white, and too dull.

Colbert tried to defend the shoes at first. “Ya’ll need to lay off. Steph is a class act and a great player, a friend of this show, and we need to focus on his skills on the court — nah, I’m sorry, I can’t do it,” Colbert decided. “These shoes are just too terrible.”

He then launched a segment called “Stephen Colbert Takes the Gloves Off” and roasted Steph hard for the look of the shoes.

“Damn, Steph Curry, these shoes look like they’re putting themselves through nursing school.”

“These shoes look like a golf cart had sex with a jar of mayonnaise.”

“These shoes are so bland, you should’ve called them Air Josh Grobans.”

Colbert then uttered the most damning insult of all. “These shoes are so lame that I, a 52-year old suburban dad, think they look comfortable. And I could wear them on weekends when I barbecue. In fact, I bought a pair,” he admitted, putting his feet on his desk to reveal his shoes. He was, in fact, sporting the Curry 2 Lows.

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