Samantha Bee can’t hold back her fury in this invective against gun violence

Samantha Bee released all her fury in a vicious denunciation of gun violence on Monday’s Full Frontal. Only two days after the massacre in Orlando, Bee commented on the expectation that she, as a host, would say a few somber words to her audience.

“After a massacre, the standard operating procedure is that you stand on stage and deliver some well-meaning words about how we will all get through this together, about how love wins, about how love conquers hate. And that is great. That is beautiful. But, you know what? F—k it! I am too angry for that. Love does not win unless we start loving each other enough to fix our f—king problems!”

Bee then began a fierce censure of gun rights in America, and the ready availability of semiautomatic rifles. But as we have seen so many times following a mass shooting in the last few years, it is nearly impossible to pass any sort of rational gun control. “It’s a lot easier to accept that going to a public place carries a non-zero risk of dying in a hail of bullets.”

She admitted that, despite how much she wants it to happen, “We can’t, constitutionally, get rid of all guns,” before asking, “But can’t we get semiautomatic assault rifles out of the hands of civilians?”

Bee then aimed a few choice words at Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has loosened gun laws during his time in office, and who dodged questions about policy after the massacre, saying America should just pray for Orlando. Bee resigns herself to do just that. “There is no shortage of troubled 20-somethings out there, and whether they’re radicalized by ISIS or homophobia or white nationalism or a dislike of movies, we are making it far too easy for their derangement to kill us. So until we as a nation find the political will to reject a mass shooting per day as the price of freedom, I’m just gonna pray.” Watch the clip to see what she asks for.

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