Larry Wilmore blasts GOP for disregard of LGBTQ community following Orlando massacre

[comedycentral id=”8f56560c-e259-4f9e-9854-43f0dfaed6d2″]

Larry Wilmore discussed the partisan aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando on Monday’s Nightly Show. Larry first had to hard at Trump for bragging on Twitter that he was “right about radical Islamic terrorism.” Saying “Cue the tweet from future impeached president Trump,” Wilmore asks, “Honestly, who brags about this? It’s like your doctor saying, ‘Yo, dude, I totally called it. You do have cancer, man.”

Moving on, Wilmore focused on the GOP response to the shooting, which has completely disregarded the LGBTQ community. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Florida Gov. Rick Scott dodged questions about the gay community.

“Dude, just saying the word doesn’t make you gay. It’s not Bettlejuice,” Wilmore exclaimed. “So, people have no problem saying the word ‘gay’ when they’re against gay marriage, but they have to erase that part of their identity when they want to sympathize with them? Sorry, no. Politicians will tell you this was an attack on American freedom. But let’s be very clear, it was first and foremost an attack on an American minority group. The deadliest mass shooting in American history specifically targeted a gay night club. Not only during pride month, but on the eve of the gay Super Bowl,” he said, referring to the Tony Awards.

In his speech following the attack, President Obama talked about Pulse nightclub as “a place of solidarity.” Wilmore agreed, “A gay bar has historically been the only space where members of the LGBT community can be safe and out about who they are without feeling hated or feeling like a novelty. And unlike other minority groups in America, LGBT people aren’t born into a home or a family that shares their minority experience.”

“Whether or not a jihadi extremist was at the heart of this attack, this was an attack on gay safe spaces,” he concluded. “But for those members of the LGBTQ community who feel scared, don’t stop singing, dancing, or living. We need to bring the vibrant love and joy of a gay club into the outside world. Not bring the outside world’s violent hatred inside gay clubs.”

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