Late Night Television

Seth Meyers offers a safe space for Hillary Clinton supporters to finally “Come out”

"I'm with her — God, that feels so good to say."

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers presented a safe space for young people to finally come out as Hillary Clinton supporters. Now that Clinton has become the presumptive Democratic nominee for president the #ImWithHer crowd can finally come out of hiding.

In the clip, a woman starts by saying, “There’s something about me that I haven’t really been sharing with anyone,” channeling the “coming out” speech of a closeted homosexual. “I’ve lived in silence, terrified of what people would say to me if they knew.”

“But then I saw the news this morning,” a second speaker adds. “Now I live in an America where it’s safe to come out as a Hillary Clinton supporter.”

“I’m with her—God, that feels so good to say,” one relieved supporter says. “I watch Hillary speeches openly on my computer now—and I don’t minimize them when somebody walks by.”

Watch the clip to see more relieved supporters share their confessions.

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