Cartoon Donald Trump reveals his plan to win over Bernie Sanders supporters

Cartoon Donald Trump returned to Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Thursday to reveal his plan to win over Bernie Sanders supporters. Now that Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination, the real Donald Trump has actually said that he would appeal to Sanders fans.

“If you can’t have what you want, how about the exact opposite?” Colbert asks in the clip. “It’s like when they’re all out of chocolate ice cream, so instead you get someone to call you fat and deport your family.”

Stephen brings on Cartoon Trump to ask him how he will appeal to Sanders’ young voters. “Stephen, I’m known for liking them young, come on,” Cartoon Trump says, referring to his increasingly young wives. “Everybody knows that.”

In order to prove to the young voters how liberal he can be, Cartoon Trump replaces his usual red hat with a Rastafarian hat. “I’m a Trump-stafarian. Come on, get mellow with me, mon.”

“You and Bernie have absolutely nothing in common. He’s a socialist,” Colbert says. To which Trump responds, “Me, too. I mean, my daughter’s a socialite, I go to all the social functions. We’re total socialists.”

He has some ideas on how to repackage his platform to liberals, though. “I’m still building that wall with Mexico, but now it’s gonna be covered in Phish posters.”

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