Seth Meyers congratulates Hillary, gives props to Sanders as he recaps the last of the primaries

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Hillary Clinton’s presumably official win of the Democratic nomination for president on Wednesday’s Late Night.

“Regardless of who you support or how you feel about Hillary Clinton, it’s a remarkable feat and a breakthrough for women and girls everywhere,” Meyers says in the clip above. “Of course, if you ask Donald Trump, he totally did it first.” Cue the clip of Trump telling Bill O’Reilly, “I have great respect for women. I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women more than anybody in the construction industry.”

“Only Donald Trump could look at the glass ceiling and go, ‘Let me get that for you, sweetheart,'” Meyers jokes, before showing clips of the “casual sexism” Clinton has endured throughout her campaign.

Seth also praised Bernie Sanders, who went up against “one of the most powerful political machines in the country, and won 22 states and won 10 million votes despite considerable resistance from the Democratic establishment and a media that long treated Clinton’s victory as inevitable.”

Sanders had a huge impact on Millenial voters, and even influenced Obama, who changed his stance on Social Security after Sanders discussed expanding it.

“Next thing you know Obama’s going to go to Supercuts and ask for ‘The Bernie,'” Meyers says, showing a picture of Obama with a Bernie cut.

Bernie Sanders Barack Obama haircut

Watch the clip for more of Seth’s primary recap.


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