Late Show Television

Colbert’s next ‘Hungry for Power Games’ will have to be delayed

"You've gotta be f—king kidding me!"

The latest from Stephen Colbert’s recurring ‘Hungry for Power Games’ segment will have to wait, as Bernie Sanders will not go down without further fighting.

In this cold open from Wednesday’s Late Show, Colbert sits on a couch in his dressing room in full Caesar Flickerman attire, script in hand, rehearsing the announcement of what would have been Sanders’ fall.

“This fall was a long time coming but last night tribute Bernie Sanders finally dropped out of the race,” Colbert says, reading the script, and adding his usual “Haha!”

Stephen starts in on a joke about how “He felt the bern,” but someone comes in to whisper into his ear, interrupting the rehearsal, presumably to inform him that Sanders has not yet conceded, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

“You’ve gotta be f—king kidding me,” exclaims Colbert, ripping off his wig. The next installment of the ‘Hungry for Power Games’ will have to wait.

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