As Hillary clinches, Colbert reminds Bernie supporters the media and superdelegates know best, okay?

Stephen Colbert announced on Tuesday’s Late Show that Hillary Clinton had become the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, making her the first women to lead a major U.S. party’s ticket in the general election.

“It sends a powerful message to all women that if you just work hard, someday you, too, can be vilified as an unlikable, Machiavellian crone,” Colbert jokes in the clip above.

“It looks like the general election will come down to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Which is fitting, really, since she’ll be the first, you know, female nominee of her party, and he’ll be his party’s last nominee.”

Although five states had yet to hold their primaries when the episode aired, Colbert points out in the monologue that the media had already called Hillary’s victory on Monday, saying they had “been calling super delegates, the unpledged delegates, party leaders, and party insiders” to reach the 2,383 delegate count needed to win the election.

“So all you Bernie supporters who may be feeling disenfranchised, just calm down and remember, the media and the super delegates have been talking secretly, and they decided it’s over,” he says in an extreme close-up, adding, “They know best, okay?”

Stephen pulls up Hillary’s old commencement speech from 1969, in which she said the art of politics should be about making the impossible possible. “And now she has done it,” says Stephen. She has made the impossible, possible. She is a woman who has clinched the presidential nomination. That’s something you’d only see in a sci-fi novel…or any other country in the world.”


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