Late Night Television

Seth Meyers gets to know an upstart politician named Hillary Clinton

"Her favorite comic book hero is 'Super Delegate.'"

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Hillary Clinton has presumably clinched the Democratic nomination for president, so Seth Meyers takes the opportunity to reintroduce the former Secretary of State.

“Even though you may have heard the name Hillary Clinton before, we still don’t know much about her,” Seth says in the clip from Tuesday’s Late Night, stifling a giggle. “That’s why it’s time for a segment called, “Getting to Know Hillary Clinton.”

In the style of a game-show introduction, Seth lists off a number of trivia facts about Clinton. He starts with the obvious, with things like “She served as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013,” and her “husband William was once president,” before moving on to lesser known anecdotes.

Do you know Hillary Clinton was a “Two-time recipient of ‘Chico’s Customer of the Decade’?” Or that her “Favorite comic book hero is ‘Super Delegate’?” Watch the clip to find out more about this unknown upstart politician.

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