Seth Meyers looks at Trump University fraud, GOP response to Trump’s most recent racism

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the GOP’s reactions to Donald Trump’s racist remarks against Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge presiding over lawsuits filed against Trump University.

“Some have called Trump’s attacks racist, while others have called them very racist, and now GOP leaders are squirming as they try to condemn Trump while also continuing to support him,” Meyers says in the clip above.

There has been a lot said about Trump’s lawsuits lately, and Trump tweeted recently that he only lost 38 of the 488 lawsuits filed against him. That doesn’t make Meyers feel any better about the possible president. “If someone said, ‘I’ve been on Maury Povich 55 times, but I’ve only been the father twice,’ I’d wonder about the 55.”

In the Trump University lawsuits, duped students allege it was a series of get-rich-quick scheme advertised as a reputable series of courses. Judge Curiel ordered the release of documents essentially showing that Trump University “targeted single mothers who needed money for food,” Meyer explains, adding, “Even Bernie Madoff was like, ‘Woah, dog, that’s not cool.'”

When pushed to explain the scheme, Trump “decided to go after the judge presiding over the class action lawsuits personally, in a way that can only be described as incredibly racist.”

As Meyers explains, this comes just after GOP leaders has finally backed Trump. “Now, as punishment, they’ve had to do their best to dodge when confronted with Trump’s latest racist outburst.”

“Republicans can’t pretend to be shocked and offended,” he concluded. “This is who Trump was well before this latest outburst, and this is who they’re lining up to support.”

Paul Ryan is the most prominent of these new Trump supporters. Watch the clip to see Seth Meyers explain why Ryan is now at West Elm buying a new rug.

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