Samantha Bee recaps election ahead of final primaries, asks “What the F—k Happened?”

On Monday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee recapped the events that brought about the current state of the presidential nomination as states like California and New Jersey prepare to vote in the final state primaries of the election on Tuesday.

“We are one day away from knowing who the nominees are and six months away from the Sanders camp accepting the results,” Bee says in the clip above, introducing a segment called, “2016 Primaries: What the F—k Happened?”

Showing a picture of Hillary, Bee announces, “We got here because black people are allowed to vote,” before swiftly moving on to the Republican story. Not long ago, most thought “there was going to be another boring election, and Jeb Bush was going to be the nominee.” How wrong they were.

As Donald Trump defied all expectations, every other Republican candidate bashed him, calling him a con artist and a “cancer on conservatism.” But as soon as he secured the nomination, they changed they’re tune.

“That principled #NeverTrump stand lasted right until God’s Fluffer quit the race,” Bee says, referring to Ted Cruz. “Damn, you guys rolled over faster than Melania Trump does after Donald dribbles out another unsatisfying midnight crotch tweet.”

After Trump became the presumptive nominee, “One by one, elected Republicans turned up their collars and did the scuttle of shame into Trump’s limo—until finally, predictably, the last domino fell,” Bee explains, referring to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan announced his support of Trump, despite calling the candidate’s Muslim travel ban “not what this party stands for.

“He’s right! Trump isn’t what Republicans stand for,” explains Bee, “he’s what they bend over for.”


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