Amy Schumer gets recast in this brilliant lampoon of sexist, stereotypical, scatological sitcoms

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This week’s Inside Amy Schumer was perhaps the best episode of the season so far. Schumer parodied self-centered girl power songs with a music video featuring horrible women accepting themselves for who they are. “Claim a miscarriage when no pregnancy occurred / Or do a karaoke rap so you can scream the N-word / . . . You are so beautiful.”

In another sketch, a pregnant Schumer and pregnant friends (Mena Suvari, Greta Lee, and Alana O’Brien) discuss their outrageous plans for how they can have the most natural, cringe-inducing births, like a sea-turtle birth. “Oh, it’s when you give birth on a beach and you dig a small hole and you kick sand on the baby and you see if it crawls into the ocean or into your arms. It’s better for the baby!”

The most damning bit of satire, though, came in the form of a sitcom parody that plays on all of the worst tropes of sexist, stereotypical sitcoms. Ralphie May plays the overweight husband with Irina Shayk as his gorgeous wife who’s afraid he is cheating on her. Schumer is the neighbor who stops by to say “When’s lunch?” and get hit on by the stereotypical Indian mailman. But when Schumer doesn’t get the laughs she deserves from an audience more interested in hearing fart jokes from the men, she drops the act and addresses the audience. “You’re all f—king sheep! These jokes aren’t funny. You’re just used to the rhythms of laughing at them!”

With that, two Hunger Games-style peacekeepers drag her off, and in a perfect touch, she is replaced by Sarah Chalke, who famously replaced Alicia “Lecy” Goranson on Roseanne. Even better, Chalke is replaced by Goranson just moments later, who is again replaced by a little girl who comes on just to say her catchphrase one more time. “When’s lunch!?”

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