Seth Meyers looks at Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the slow drip of problems besetting her campaign

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the email scandal still plaguing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Democratic frontrunner was the subject of a State Department investigation report Wednesday that revealed “Clinton never sought permission to use a private email server, and that she broke the rules by not turning over every department-related email when she left,” Meyers says in the clip above.

Meyers points out that the report is the latest in a steady “drip, drip, drip” of investigations against Clinton. “You know, if you’re wondering why so many Democrats are attracted to Bernie Sanders, this is kind of why,” Meyers proposes. “Bernie doesn’t have any drip-drip-drips — which for a 74-year-old man, is pretty remarkable.”

“The email saga hasn’t just resulted in the investigation,” Meyers explains. “It’s also produced a very steady stream of very repetitive apologies from Hillary, who is now clearly doing her best not to scream, ‘What more do you people want from me?'”

The report points out that in order to preserve the department-related emails, she would have to print and file every one. “She literally had to print out each individual email and file it away,” Meyers says. “Even worse, every time she texted someone an emoji, she had to take a picture of herself making that expression and fax it to congress.”

Watch the clip above to see what else Meyers has to say about the scandal.


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