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Amy Schumer mocks ‘regular girl’ tabloid fodder on ‘Down to Earth’ with Selena Gomez

"Do I have a maid? Yes. Do I know her name? No. But I'm just like you!"

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On Thursday’s Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian mocked tabloids that label her and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence as “regular girls,” which Schumer, who is never shy about talking about her body image, has often pointed out means that she doesn’t fit into the mold of wafer-thin starlet.

In this parody of US Weekly’s “They’re Just Like Us” segment, Schumer hosts a talk show called Down to Earth that films “40,000 feet above the Earth, above a luxury airship that never touches the ground for tax reasons.”

In the sketch, she play an out-of-touch host who talks about how normal her life is, giving examples that include getting coffee with her pet dinosaur, and a “We Can All Relate” segment that focuses on spying on her maid.

“Do I have a maid? Yes,” says Schumer. “Do I know her name? No. But I’m just like you. I still wash my own legs. I still do my own masturbating.”

Schumer’s band leader is Selena Gomez, who holds her own amid insults from the over-the-top host. “Look at you Miss Rosetta Stone,” Schumer says. “Look at how good your English has gotten.” Gomez replies, “I was born in Texas.”

At one point, Schumer nonchalantly checks her phone, and passively mumbles, “Wow, I didn’t even know I was up for that award.”

She’s just like us!

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