Seth Meyers looks at Congressional dysfunction as GOP obstructs and Dems grasp at straws

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” on Tuesday’s Late Night at Congressional dysfunction as Republicans continue to obstruct everything proposed by the Democrats. In turn, the Dems have started to resort to desperation.

“Obstruction in Congress has been on full display in the past few months,” Meyers says in the clip above, “with Senate Republicans refusing to even hold hearings on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland.” In response to this obstructionism, Democrats in Congress staged a “mock hearing,” which, “had all the makings of a real confirmation hearing; the only things missing were the committee’s Republican members and Garland himself.”

“I actually think the Republicans in Congress might act like dicks just to see what lame shit Democrats will pull to get back at them,” Meyers supposes. “‘Oh, look at this, our friends from across the aisle are holding mock hearings — oh, no. I guess we better change our ways.'”

House Republicans also defeated an LGBT anti-discrimination law by a single vote last week by extending time after the clock ran out on the vote to give themselves time to wrangle a few more members to their side.

In response, Democrats shouted “shame” across the aisle in a moment reminiscent of last season’s Game of Thrones finale. Seth jokes that they also made Paul Ryan walk naked through the Capitol.

“He was fine with it,” Meyers says. “He’s been working out his whole life for that moment.”


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