Trevor Noah criticizes Trump for suggesting trade war with China during Christie fundraiser

[comedycentral id=”7a424e39-d15c-4655-a15f-2c6eec2b050a”]

Trevor Noah had some harsh words for Donald Trump regarding trade on Monday’s Daily Show. At a fundraiser for Chris Christie this week, Donald Trump took the stage to criticize China and American companies that take their manufacturing jobs overseas, saying, “Every unit you make that you sell into the United States, you’re going to pay a 35 percent tax. Thirty-five, very simple. We’re losing our shirts, folks!”

Trevor responds in the clip above, “We’re losing our shirts to these foreign countries, and no one knows that better than Donald Trump, whose brand of shirts is manufactured in China. So if you want American-made Trump clothing, you’ll basically have to wear a bunch of his steaks. It makes more sense than eating them.”

“When Donald Trump says, ‘You’re going to pay a 35 percent tax,’ he means you—the American consumer,” Noah says. “That’s who ends up paying a tariff. When everything from those countries is suddenly one-third more expensive, Trump is basically putting economic sanctions on America. You know, sanctions—the same things the U.S. uses to cripple other countries? That’s basically Trump’s economic recovery plan, a plan that could actually deepen the trade imbalance, sink the U.S. into recession within a year, and lead to a trade war with China and Mexico.”

But Trump doesn’t care about a trade war with China, saying that people are crazy for trying to establish a trade agreement with China.

“No, you’re f—king crazy! How is this guy a presidential candidate?!” Noah questions. “I know maybe you don’t care, Donald Trump, but you know who would care? The 4 million Americans that would stand to lose their jobs if a trade war happened. There is no war with China you can say you don’t care about.”

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