Seth Meyers looks at the NRA’s endorsement of former gun control supporter Donald Trump

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s endorsement from the NRA on Monday’s Late Night. Trump once supported gun control, but now that he is pandering to conservatives, his move toward gun rights is “one area where Trump is now in total lockstep with the rest of the GOP.”

“Before Donald Trump entered politics, he was on record supporting several major gun control proposals,” Meyers says in the clip above. But now, “candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he’s even invoked gun-toting action movie characters,” like Charles Bronson.

The NRA loves Trump now, and Meyers questions how the organization could support a candidate whose views on the matter have been so inconsistent, but NRA chief Wayne LaPierre “made clear in his speech Friday that the group’s endorsement is less about guns specifically and more about a long list of right-wing obsessions and hatred of Hillary Clinton.”

Or, as Seth puts it, “LaPierre’s speech sounded like a dramatic reading of email forwards from your uncle.”


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