Samantha Bee criticizes Bernie supporters after ruckus at Nevada Democratic Convention

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On Monday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee criticized Bernie Sanders supporters for causing a ruckus at the Nevada Democratic convention last week. The supporters were angry after Clinton won delegates they thought should have gone to Bernie.

“If there were actual misconduct by party officials, I’d be furious too,” Bee says in the clip. “But ask yourself what makes more sense: That party Chair Lange changed the rules to disqualify Sanders delegates, 50 of whom Hillary Clinton had drugged and tied up in a basement with the skeleton of Vince Foster? Or that first-time delegates backing a guy who became a Democrat just before breakfast couldn’t get their shit together?”

“Should the Democratic Party make its primary process more democratic?” she asks later. “Yes. But the fact is, nobody stole the Nevada election. Sanders just got beat, just like he did in New York, Georgia, Texas, Florida, most open primaries, most closed primaries and the popular vote.”


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