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Larry David and SNL’s Kate McKinnon enjoy one last dance as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

"Oh, hello Bernie. I didn't see you sitting behind me — so far behind me you could never catch up."

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Larry David returned to ‘SNL’ this Saturday to dance with Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton in what may have been David’s final stint as Bernie Sanders. This was the final episode of the season, so the next time the show airs, Hillary Clinton will probably have become the nominee.

“Well, bartender, I’ve done it! I’ve won the nomination! I mean, no I haven’t—I keep losing states—but mathematically, I’ve done it! To math!” Clinton exclaims to her bartender just before he sounds last call.

“No freaking way! I’m not going anywhere! I can stay here as long as I want!” shouts David’s Bernie as the camera pans to reveal him lounging in the corner. “No! It’s not over! It’s not over till I say it’s over!”

“Oh, hello Bernie. I didn’t see you sitting behind me—so far behind me you could never catch up,” Clinton responds. As Sanders joins her at the bar, they order drinks. Larry requests “a beer, a new brand that people are flocking to. Something refreshing and revolutionary. Something that draws huuuge crowds.” Hillary asks for “whatever beer no one likes, but gets the job done.”

After talking a bit about their rivalry and the state of the election, the two share a bittersweet moment of admiration as Hillary asks Bernie to dance with her. When he refuses, she offers him 3 superdelegates and that does the trick. Watch the clip to see Sanders and Clinton dance through Studio 8H, accompanied by the full ‘SNL’ cast.

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