Trevor Noah seems to go off prompter for 8-minute rant about anti-transgender bathroom laws

[comedycentral id=”ace8c86a-6ca7-4f2a-9cfc-21192d546c14″]

Trevor Noah seems to have gone off prompter to rant about the recent controversy over anti-transgender bathroom laws being passed in states like North Carolina. You can tell he is off prompter at moments in the segment because the cadence of his speech is more keeping with his stand-up style, he often looks away from camera, and he doesn’t have images popping up beside his head to accompany a polished script. This is organic Trevor Noah, spilling his thoughts about the discriminatory laws.

“You do understand the transgender population in America is closer to zero percent than one percent?” Noah says in the clip above. “0.3 percent of the population is transgender. So the chance of you bumping into a transgender person in the bathroom is almost zero percent. But the chance of a transgender person needing the bathroom is 100 percent. They’re already dealing with their own s–t, now you’re giving them yours? I don’t understand, it’s so absurd.”

He takes the time to mock media outlets for spreading fear about the “dangers” of trans bathroom use, but he saves his true invective for the cause of all this trouble — the penis. “That’s what this is really about: No one wants to see a penis,” Noah says, as he also points out the double standard of the gender discussion. “If you notice, no one’s having the conversation the other way. ‘What, so there’s gonna be a vagina in the men’s room?’ No one’s saying that… Penises are disgusting…. Men grow their bellies just so they don’t have to see them anymore.”

Watch the clip above to see what else he has to say.


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