Seth Meyers compares Bernie today to Hillary in 2008, criticizes media dismissal of Sanders campaign

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Seth Meyers compared the Bernie Sanders campaign to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 on Thursday’s Late Night. Tensions have been high between the two camps and their supporters, and they boiled over Saturday in Nevada after Sanders supporters were kicked out of a Vegas casino for protesting delegate allotment

“We have a new least cool reason to be kicked out of a Vegas casino,” Meyers jokes in the clip above. “What happened? ‘I was loudly debating rigged delegate allotments — Vegas, baby!'”

Before moving on, Meyers says bluntly, “Caucuses are stupid, and every state should just hold a primary. These complicated rules just give people on both sides more chances to feel cheated.” But it’s not going to change this year, so many Democrats are urging Sanders to step down so that we don’t have another Ralph Nader, the third party candidate who many think took votes from Al Gore in his loss to Bush in 2000.

Meyers points out that Sanders has won 20 states, while Nader did not win any, but media outlets are still referring to Sanders as the zombie candidate who just won’t die.

“Bernie Sanders is not a zombie candidate, although it’s fun to picture him as one,” Meyers says. “‘The top 1 percent of the zombies are getting 99 percent of the brains!’ So Bernie Sanders is a brain-eating, Nader-esque spoiler zombie. Next, they’re going to start calling him ‘Becky with the good hair.'”

Meyers points out that the comparison that ought to be made is between Sanders today and Hillary Clinton in 2008, who did not lose the nomination to Barack Obama until the last primary.

“We’ve heard a lot this year about the so-called ‘Bernie or bust’ movement, but in 2008 there was something similar going on with Hillary supporters who said they’d never back Obama,” Meyers says, before playing clips of Democrats saying they would not vote for Obama. Only time will tell what will happen this year.

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