Seth Meyers looks at the history of using bathrooms as battlefields

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Seth Meyers once again tackled the controversial bathroom bills in his latest “A Closer Look” segment on Tuesday’s Late Night. North Carolina’s HB2 bill, requiring transgender people to use public restrooms has caused public outcry from both sides. Conservaties say it prevents predators from using the law to sneak into the bathroom of the opposite sex, but the other side calls this discriminatory, pointing out that trans people are the ones who need protection.

In the clip above, Seth goes through the history of bathroom laws and fears to show that this is just another scare tactic. “Fighting over bathrooms is the oldest move in the prejudice playbook,” Meyers says. “America has a long history of using bathrooms to scare people … and politicians are happy to exploit that fear.”

“Telling a minority group that they’re not allowed to use the same bathroom everyone else uses is a well-worn strategy,” he explains. “Proponents of the so-called bathroom bill don’t want you to see their bills as prejudice; they want you to think they’re trying to protect the children.”

“When conservatives claim that trans people are preying on children and that they shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom they want to use, it’s not a response to an actual problem. It’s an age-old scam used to mobilize people against a vulnerable minority group. But attacking someone who’s different than you doesn’t make you a protector of children. It makes you a villager in a Disney movie. You know who actually needs protection? Trans people.”


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