Seth Meyers takes a “Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s support from white nationalists

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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” on Thursday’s Late Night at Donald Trump’s support from white supremacists. Recent polls show that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are currently neck-and-neck in swing states Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

However, Seth points out in the clip that “this poll has a lower share of nonwhite voters than in the 2012 election. That’s important because demographics are Trump’s biggest obstacle in the fall, and the theory of his campaign is that he can drive white turnout high enough to overcome changing demographics. But so far, Trump has done everything he can to alienate nonwhite voters, even down to the people he names as delegates to the Republican National Convention.”

William Johnson, a leader of a white nationalist party in California was named a Trump delegate until Trump’s campaign back-tracked and blamed Johnson’s inclusion on a clerical error.

“I get the sense that ‘clerical error’ might be the go-to excuse for the Trump administration,” Meyers says, imitating Trump, “I’m sorry to say that, due to a clerical error, we built a wall around New Mexico. Stay strong, Albuquerque! We’re gonna get you out of there.”

“Now in some ways it shouldn’t be a surprise that the guy who began his political career by alleging the president was a secret Muslim Kenyan is winning support from white nationalists, but it should give Republicans pause,” Seth says. However, even Trump’s former opponent has come out in hesitant support of the GOP nominee.

Seth also notes that Hillary Clinton at one point had support from a white supremacist, but that supporter’s story has some holes in it. Watch the clip to see more.

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