Stephen Colbert advises Paul Ryan on how to give up his endorsement to Trump

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On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert gave some advice to a hesitant Paul Ryan on how to approach his endorsement of Donald Trump. “Now that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, his fellow Republicans are slowly getting behind him. Though, some of them might be back there to push him down a flight of stairs,” says Stephen in the clip.

Much of the Republican establishment is having a hard time fully endorsing Trump, especially Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who is seen as a party leader. Trump is trying very hard to court Ryan’s endorsement and plans to meet with the speaker Thursday. But first he has sent Ben Carson to ease Ryan into the idea, because “he’s like a tranq dart you use to sedate a rhino before you ask the rhino to endorse Donald Trump.”

“Speaker Ryan may not be ready to support Trump right now, but some day he hopes to, and wants to,” Colbert points out. So he gives Ryan a little advice about how to approach the endorsement. “You want the first time you endorse Donald Trump to be special,” Colbert explains. “I mean, look at Chris Christie—He rushed right in to endorse, and now everywhere he goes is a walk of shame.” Colbert’s best bit of advice? “Just shut your eyes and think of Reagan.”


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