Stephen Colbert digs at Trump for coal miner pandering ahead of West Virginia primary

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Stephen Colbert mocked Donald Trump for pandering to coal miners ahead of the West Virginia primary on Monday’s Late Show. Trump actually told West Virginians not to vote in this primary, but to save their votes for the general election, because the primary doesn’t matter anymore. Stephen reminds us this is just like Patrick Henry’s famous proclamation, “Give me liberty or… don’t. Forget this one. I don’t give a crap!”

“But Trump wasn’t just in West Virginia to make calls to inaction,” Colbert says in the clip. “He was also there to accept the endorsement of the West Virginia Coal Association, which like all endorsements, comes with a free hat.” Colbert shows a clip of Trump putting on a miner’s hat, then doing some shoveling motions, as any miner would.

“Wow, he really looks like a miner, right down to that orange soot on his face from years in the Dorito mines,” Colbert says.

The one miner issue Trump really knows about is hat hair. So, he of course makes some scientific claims about the effect of hair spray on the ozone layer. “Truly spoken like a man who inhaled aerosol for years in a poorly ventilated room,” says Colbert.

Watch the clip to see Stephen talk live to a West Virginia coal miner to see how the pandering is working.

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