Seth Meyers looks at Donald Trump’s flip-flopping, as if any of his supporters will care

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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” on Monday’s Late Night at Donald Trump’s frequent flip-flopping and how he has already changed since becoming the presumptive nominee. But first, Seth takes the time to congratulate Mr. Trump for all but winning the nomination. “You did it! You are a big boy who did a big boy thing, and we are so, so f—ing proud of you.”

Having said that, Meyers gets to Trump’s shift to the center on issues that might come up in the general election. Many candidates do this, and Mitt Romney’s aide compared the shift to an etch-a-sketch, saying it’s a whole new ballgame once the primary is won. “But unlike Romney, Trump is no Etch-A-Sketch,” Meyers points out. “Trump is a Magic 8 Ball: You shake it up and you can get one answer. Shake it again, you get something completely different.”

Meyers shows a series of clips of Trump changing his stance on the minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy. “Now, these flip-flops are unlikely to upset many Trump supporters, but there is one thing about Trump’s campaign they do seem to care very much about—self-funding,” Meyers says. Trump has hired a former Goldman Sachs partner to help him fundraise with GOP donors. “But if anyone seems willing to accept Trump’s sudden change of heart, it’s the GOP establishment.” Cue the clips of Republicans bashing Trump, then declaring their support.


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