Samantha Bee comes down hard on North Carolina for everything it’s done since 2010 midterms

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Samantha Bee came down hard on North Carolina, not only for the recent bathroom law, but for everything it’s done since 2010 on Monday’s Full Frontal. North Carolina recently passed laws forcing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex denoted on their birth certificate. As a result, many artists and companies have boycotted the state and the Justice Department has filed a suit against the state.

“Boycotts are a powerful tool,” says Bee. “But you know what’s an ever more powerful tool? Not electing a bunch of trans-phobic numbnuts who are going to wreck the state economy to catch a nonexistent predator.”

Bee reminds us, as she did in March, about the importance of the 2010 midterm election, which the Tea Party dominated because no one else voted. In that election, North Carolina elected the first Republican legislature since 1870. The legislature then passed new gun and abortion laws, and sliced funding for public schools and universities.

“Look, I know state elections aren’t fun,” says Bee. “They don’t have cool concerts or dank memes. But voting in them is important.” She then makes a mammogram analogy, saying, “Early prevention hurts a lot less than late-stage treatment.”


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