Full Frontal Television

Sam Bee says goodbye to ‘human Twilight Zone music’ Ted Cruz with help from Michelle Branch

"Godspeed, you terrifying, fundamentalist swamp Reagan."

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/BtZF007Lep4″%5D

Sadly, Samantha Bee had to say goodbye to the Ted Cruz campaign on Monday’s Full Frontal. “We were all blindsided by Ted Cruz suspending his campaign, no one more than me,” Bee says in the clip above. “I think you know what that man meant to Full Frontal.”

Cue a montage of Bee calling him every name in the book, including, “The world’s only unlikable Canadian,” “America’s Newman,” and “unflushable toilet clog.” Bee then laments that she only made it through three pages of the Ted Cruz Thesaurus, but despite the names, she can’t deny Cruz had spunk. “Respect to Ted Cruz for fighting the good fight against the asteroid that just destroyed a party of dinosaurs.”

After Bee recaps the race with the help of Cruz’s Back to the Future reference, and bids him “Godspeed, you terrifying, fundamentalist swamp Reagan,” Bee introduces singer Michelle Branch, who updates her 2001 hit “Goodbye to You” to bid farewell to the senator. Watch the full song below.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/9V0pumxenJo”%5D

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