Trevor Noah tries to critique Bernie Sanders, but gets shouted down by Bernie supporters

bernie sanders

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Trevor Noah tried to get to some truth about Bernie Sanders’ platform on Thursday’s Daily Show, but he was stopped by Bernie supporters. After Sanders’ win in Indiana, he announced that he would not drop out of the race before the Democratic convention. So, Noah decided it was time to looks seriously at all of Bernie’s claims, like the fact that some economists have calculated that his plans would cost up to $28 trillion.

Trevor is interrupted by Desi Lydic, who doesn’t want Noah to trigger Sanders’ supporters. “Trevor, have you ever pissed off Bernie Sanders supporters? It’s like poking a hornet’s nest. A hornet’s nest with student debt,” Lydic says, “Can’t you just do something less controversial like, I don’t know, draw a picture of Muhammad on a pig?”

Noah tries to press on, noting that Bernie said his health plan would save America $324 billion a year on prescription drugs, despite the fact that America only spends $305 billion. Again, Trevor is interrupted—this time by “100% Bernie bro” Ronny Chieng who shouts down Trevor’s criticism.

Watch the clip to see what happens when Trevor tries to bring up Bernie’s support of the F-35 fighter jet program.

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