‘West Wing’ stars Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford reunite to ‘walk and talk’ with James Corden

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The classic “West Wing” walk-and-talk parody has been done many, many times, and in 2016, ten years after the show ended, it may seem a little outdated, but when you have Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford, who starred as C.J Gregg and Josh Lyman on the hit political drama, on your show, you can’t pass up the opportunity to pay tribute.

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden opened his show with such a tribute, as Janney and Whitford play his monologue advisors, asking him about possible jokes as they walk through the halls.

“Sir, we need to talk about the jokes for tonight’s monologue,” Janney says. “Should we talk about them in your office, which is right there and extremely convenient?” Corden responds, “I dunno, I feel like it would be more visually compelling if we walk and talk.”

Thus begins the sketch, in which Janney and Whitford not only ask Corden about possible Trump and Cinco de Mayo jokes, but make fun of the fact that they are doing a “West Wing” parody in 2016.

“I think you can get away with a West Wing sketch, but you’ve got to keep it short,” Whitford suggests. “Great idea, roll the titles!” says Corden, opening the show.

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