Trevor Noah sums up Donald Trump’s success over Ted Cruz with a herpes joke

[comedycentral id=”8a8be4a4-744f-4176-92d2-0f6d0cbc7e3c”]

Trevor Noah discussed Donald Trump’s all but certain path to the Republican nomination on Wednesday’s Daily Show. After Trump won big in Indiana, Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race. And as much as people want to celebrate the fact that Cruz is done, it means Trump is moving on, which is even scarier.

“I’m so conflicted. I mean, Ted Cruz lost because Donald Trump won,” Noah says in the clip above. “It’s like finding out your herpes is gone but it’s because your dick fell off.”

In his victory speech Tuesday night, Trump told his supporters that the divided country “is going to become one beautiful, loving country” when he becomes president.

“It sounds really beautiful,” Noah responds. “But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from history, if a crazy white man says we should come together, you should make sure to ask him to specify who the ‘we’ is.”


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