Stephen Colbert pays tribute to Cruz and Kasich as they lose the ‘Hungry for Power Games’

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One of Stephen Colbert’s best Late Show segments will soon come to an end as only three tributes remain in the “Hungry for Power Games.” Wednesday night, Colbert bid farewell to the remaining Republican opponents as Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out, giving Donald Trump a clear path to the Republican nomination.

“In the past few months, friends, we have lost so many brave tributes, and today, we lost what many are calling more of them,” Colbert says in the clip above. “Yes, John Kasich has ended his bid for the White House. He may be gone, but he’s not…who are we talking about again?”

Kasich only won Ohio, but “sadly, even in losing, Tribute Kasich hasn’t lost, because last night’s big loser was Texas senator and half-kissed frog prince Ted Cruz,” Colbert says. “You have to give Ted credit: He went down swinging — even when hugging his wife,” Colbert points out as he shows a clip of Cruz elbowing his wife in the face.

But Colbert is not the only one with something to say about the fallen tributes. Cartoon Trump appears, sitting on Stephen’s desk, drinking champagne to toast to the fallen.

“Farewell, tributes,” says Colbert. “I’m sure there’s room for you in Trump’s cabinet, or at least his trophy room.”

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