Colbert discusses conspiracy theories as Ted Cruz gets bullied out of the race

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Stephen Colbert discussed conspiracy theories and bullies on Tuesday’s Late Show, which filmed before Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after the Indiana primary. In the clip above, Colbert doesn’t know who won the primary, but he says, “But I do know that it was do-or-die for Sen. Ted Cruz — and judging by this picture, I’m going to say he died about a week ago,” referring to a picture of Cruz that makes him look like a vampire.

One of the last attacks Cruz suffered at the hands of Donald Trump was an accusation that Cruz’s father was with Lee Harvey Oswald just before the Kennedy assassination. Trump apparently got this startling news from the National Enquirer.

“This is horrible — and not just for Cruz,” Colbert says. “Oliver Stone is kicking himself for not thinking of this.” In response, Cruz called Trump a bully and brought up the fact that the rich Biff Tannen in Back to the Future Part 2, was based on Trump. If we’re going to have a Biff Tannen presidency, “That means there’s still a chance for Ted Cruz to fix the flux capacitor, go back in time, and stop his dad from shooting JFK!”

Watch the clip to see Cruz deal with bullies in Indiana, too.


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