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James Corden bids farewell to Ted Cruz and all the jokes that go with him

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On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden broke the news that Ted Cruz had dropped out of the presidential race after losing to Donald Trump in the Indiana primary. Corden is surprised that he quit, though. “Who quits just because they’ve lost?” he asks. “Why did he choose today? He’s been losing for months.”

Cruz said he’s been looking forward to spending more time with his family, “in response his family said, ‘Are you sure you want to quit?'” jokes Corden before announcing that John Kasich now has a clear path to the White House, because he’s now “just waiting for Donald Trump to drop out. Then if the Democratic party disbands, it’s gonna be a cake walk.”

After he made his secession speech, Cruz elbowed his wife in the face going in for a hug. Corden shows the clip, but says, “Clearly that was an accident—I mean marrying Ted Cruz.”

Cruz’s rallies haven’t been good to women recently as Carly Fiorina fell off the stage after introducing Cruz on Monday. “You try saying that Ted Cruz will be our next president without getting woozy and falling down,” reasons Corden.

Watch the clip for Trump’s response.

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