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Trevor Noah gives a rundown of Trump’s shady supporters and shadier advisors

"What an insane time to be alive. When Ted Cruz is saying the choice is either him and Carly Fiorina, or Trump and a convicted rapist, and still you're like 'Hmmmm.'"

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Trevor Noah gave a rundown of Donald Trump’s shady supporters on Monday’s Daily Show as Trump has now been endorsed by Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight, and Dennis Rodman.

Mike Tyson and Trump have been friends for decades and Trump defended Tyson in 1992 when the boxer was accused of rape. In an interview, Trump excused the rape, which he says may or may not have happened, by reporting that the woman had been happily dancing at 8 a.m., as if that were a sign that everything was all right.

“Well, it looks like Encyclopedia Trump: Rape Detective has cracked another case,” Trevor says, mocking the Republican frontrunner. “She was dancing at 8 a.m., so it’s conclusive nothing happened. We solved another one boys!”

Trump defended Tyson even after he was convicted. “Any worthwhile opponent would exploit that. And also, Ted Cruz would exploit that,” says Noah, before showing a slip of Cruz doing just that, saying he and Fiorina should be the clear choice over Trump because of this.

“What an insane time to be alive,” says Trevor. “When Ted Cruz is saying the choice is either him and Carly Fiorina, or Trump and a convicted rapist, and still you’re like ‘Hmmmm.'”

However, despite endorsements from shady folk, “It’s not fair to attack Trump based on the people who endorse him. You wouldn’t attack a foot long sub just because Jared endorsed it,” says Trevor. “It’s more important to judge him by the people he chooses. And as we all know, he has very high standards.” Cue clips of Trump saying he would get the very best and smartest people lined up. “Yeah, lined up at immigration hoping to get passports to other countries.”

Watch the clip to see who Trump has lined up, and check out the second clip, in which Trevor talks to someone who knows a bit about shady politics—Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

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