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Stephen Colbert mocks ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ Ted Cruz as his numbers fall in Indiana

"Well, you know what they say about Ted Cruz—To know him is to wish you didn't."

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Stephen Colbert mocked Ted Cruz on Monday’s Late Show, ahead of what will surely be a poor showing in Indiana for the candidate. “The Republican second-runner is trailing Trump by 15 points, even though less than a week ago, Cruz was up by 16 points,” Colbert points out. “It’s almost as if spending time there campaigning hurt him. Well, you know what they say about Ted Cruz—To know him is to wish you didn’t.”

John Boehner recently came out against Cruz, saying he is a “miserable son of a b*tch,” which is a phrase the Colbert’s CBS censors couldn’t stop him from uttering, because “I’m allowed to say ‘miserable son of a b*tch’ if I’m talking about Ted Cruz.”

Boehner also called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” but Colbert isn’t sure. If Cruz were the devil, “the Earth would open up and swallow people when they said his name,” Colbert says, before showing a clip of Cruz’s running-mate Carly Fiorina falling off a stage at a recent rally.

“She vanished instantly. It’s almost as if there’s some sort of demonic power about saying the phrase ‘the next president of the United States: Ted Cruz—'” and there goes Colbert.

Watch the clip below to see the beginning of the segment where Colbert mocked Donald Trump for his foreign policy stance.

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